Losing Your Physical Body Coordination Recently? Better Rule out the Possibility of Parkinson’s Disease?

Loss of movement and coordination is the effect of having Parkinson’s disease. Uncontrollable trembling, tremor and loss of speech might also occur as the condition advances. It is a tragic time for all at the home of the patient.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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There is no hope of recovery as the condition progresses over time. In the later stages the patient might lose all functionality. It is a disorder of the central nervous system.

Rigidity of the muscles, tremor, bradykinesia (slowing down of movements), and loss of movement are the major symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The symptoms are progressive and the patient might suffer a lot as the condition progresses. As such the patient might not recover or get better.

The cause of these conditions is not known. It is not genetically transferred. Little is known about the cause. Some of the causes that were related to some cases are drug abuse, abuse of the body and cranial damage.

Dopamine is the chemical that is associated with the muscle activity. The production of this chemical is reduced by the damage to certain brain cells.This leads to the Parkinson’s disease. This was discovered by James Parkinson in 1817. He named it as ‘shaking palsy’.

Scientists and physicians all over the world are doing research on Parkinson’s disease and there is no cure for it. However there are ways to stall its progress to some extent.

Support groups for Parkinson’s sufferers are there to take care of them and to share information about the condition. These support groups give assurance that all is not lost and try to comfort the patients to lead a normal life which is a distant fantasy for them.

A patient who suffers with Parkinson’s disease cannot lead a normal life and it affects his day to day activities. Even the simplest tasks may be difficult for them. Hence a need for round the clock attention to them is necessary.

Nobody knows who will develop this condition and to what extent the symptoms will be and how fast those symptoms will progress. Scientists all over the world are working on this condition to find treatments for this condition.

There is no real way out of the disorder for those who suffer from it. They have to keep themselves active as possible and do the normal routine chores daily.

This will boost their morale and will create interest in their life. it requires a lot of patience to deal with those who suffer from it.

The family of the patient should be aware of the condition and try to help the patient. It could be frustrating at first. There are ways to reduce the effect of Parkinson’s disease. You could consult your physician for more information on this condition and ways to deal with it.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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